Friday, September 5, 2008

It's time to Go Hillbilly!

I have made the decision to go Hillbilly! Yes, I said Hillbilly! Okay, I live in a townhouse in an urban town in Los Angeles. I cook with cast iron, make homemade yogurt and jam (YUM!!), and want to learn more about canning.

I am thirty something and I think my generation never really learned how to cook from scratch, make bread, shop on a budget, save tinfoil, etc. Okay, I watched my Mom using a pressure cooker, which was scary!, and she did some canning of some amazing apple butter, but my generation never really had to learn all this, we could just go out and buy it. The store bought stuff never tastes as good as homemade either. So why have we settled for uninteresting food? For convenience?

What I am finding now, is there are such simple pleasures in just cooking a great meal, making homemade strawberry jam that is out of this world, and just goin' hillbilly, a little! I propose that an urban woman can take a little extra time to learn a few techniques, cooking methods, how to shop for food, and save some money by Goin' Hillybilly!

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